Furniture Assembly

We offer assemblyand disassembly of furniture: from kitchen to antique furniture, from the particularly bulky wardrobe to the most fragile and precious item of furnishing.


With Piredda Trasporti & Traslochi your furniture is safe and even if you have to leave it for a short period, the company offers storage.


Our specialised team with years of experience behind it is always a sure guarantee of accurate and precise service, carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Loading, unloading and assembling furniture quickly.


Rental of aerial ladders and platforms is a service that can significantly simplify any type of removal, even the most complex.


By renting aerial ladders and platforms, you can easily load and unload any kind of object from balconies and windows; one disassembled and packed, the objects can be taken to street level and loaded into our vehicles.


Piredda Traslochi, the Olbia-based company specialised in furniture reassembly after removals, offers the following on rental terms:


• Freight hoists

• Platforms

• Aerial ladders for removals


The Piredda company, which operates throughout Sardinia also has a well-equipped and composite fleet for any type of space and need: from the small lift for tight spaces to large equipment for major heights. In particular, it uses 3 different types of aerial platform:


• Aerial platforms for gardens

• Aerial platforms for terraced houses

• Platforms for apparantly difficult and inaccessible places, up to large spaces or major heights of 12 floors


Roberto Piredda's company operates mainly in Sardinia (in Olbia, Arzachena, Palau, Tempio, Santa Teresa Gallura, San Teodoro, etc.) and is able to transfer homes, warehouses and offices with the utmost attention and care for goods and without causing disturbance in the neighbourhood. It also takes care to ensure that all necessary permits have been obtained before undertaking any removal.

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